All U.S. Supreme Court justices are graduates of just three Ivy League law schools. None are Protestants.

. Justices Kagan and Sotomeyer have recently been speaking about the lack of educational diversity on the Supreme Court. See here. Five of the current justices graduated from Harvard Law School. The other three went to Yale. Justice Ginsburg started at Harvard and graduated from Columbia. None are Protestants. While religious affiliation may seem trifling, […]

Colorado lawmakers inquire into the censorship imposed by state professors

There is no valid reason for governments to OWN universities. Every argument in favor of government universities is easily disproved. (For example, government universities have DECREASED the proportion of poor students in higher education, not increased it, see here; MOST government-funded research at government universities is flawed or false, see here; and government universities churn […]

“Affordable Care Act” makes health insurance costs skyrocket 20 % or more in a dozen states

Government support and subsidies of health care increase demand without increasing supply, causing prices to rise. Since the passage of Medicare in 1965, health care has risen in cost faster than inflation every single year. Meanwhile, less regulated hi-tec industries have produced LOWER prices for higher quality. Now there is word that Obamacare will cause […]