Egyptian courts sentence 51 people to two years in jail and 151 others to five-year sentences for participating in “unlicensed protests” against government

See this story from Yahoo News. Every government that ever existed ultimately came for all freedom, all property, all money, and to kill all who resist. Frequently, governments accuse anti-government speakers of such crimes as treason, sedition, undermining the morale of the military, conspiracy to overthrow the government, or plotting terrorism. Defense lawyers have pointed […]

Venezuelan looters steal flour, chicken and underwear

Two decades ago, Venezuela was a vibrant but struggling, up-and-coming democracy. The voters overwhelmingly approved of Hugo Chavez and took the country in a big-government, socialist direction. Venezuela drove out private businesses, censored the press, and imprisoned dissidents. You know, . . . to help the poor. Now the poor are poorer than ever. Mobs […]

Government caught adjusting temperature data for Boulder, Colorado to make the past seem colder

Again and again, data analyst Tony Heller has caught government agencies doctoring temperature data records to make the past seem colder (and the present, therefore, warmer in comparison). Now Heller has noticed the official NOAA data set for Boulder, Colorado. In one case, the government agency has lowered past temperatures AS MUCH AS 7.8 DEGREES! […]

Brazil Collapses under Socialism

Like Venezuela, Brazil has been on a government-growing binge. Government “workers” have been given increasingly favorable pension and payment packages. Many retire young and live as barons at taxpayer expense. See here. But the socialist trend of the past 15 years is now producing negative returns in Brazil. The economy is collapsing. See here. Now […]

University of Oregon’s Elaborate Thought Control Network

Government colleges such as the University of Oregon are supposed to be subject to the Bill of Rights, including the First Amendment’s protection of free speech and free assembly. But the universities have mostly become dens of Orwellian pro-government thought control, where dissenting opinions and criticisms of government are not only shunned but punished. Look […]

Thousands of pictures of naked defendants found on judge’s computer

The practice of American law has increasingly departed from its original adversarial model. Over the past century, courts have increasingly favored the state over the citizenry. Here is a story of an Arkansas judge who apparently got into the practice of demanding that male defendants report to his house for “community service.” “[The pictures] depict […]

New Jersey troopers arrest woman for remaining silent–then advise her of her right to remain silent!

The inquisitors of the Spanish Inquisition generally began their interrogations with a single question: “Do you know why we’ve summoned you here today?” The goal behind such questions was to get the hapless subject to admit to heresy or blasphemy. Nothing has changed since the 1300s Today it has become customary for troopers who pull […]

Sowell: American schooling delivers uninterrupted worship of the state from kindergarten to grad school

Thomas Sowell is out with a column describing the sorry state of intellectual intolerance at most of America’s government-supported colleges and universities. Sowell says that colleges have always leaned “left” (code for pro-government). But a dissenting voice could at least survive on the campuses of the 1950s and ’60s. Today one can literally go from […]

Venezuela Continues Downward Spiral

There has never been a famine in a capitalist country; famines and massive die-offs from starvation only occur in socialist countries. Here is a detailed Bloomberg News Service report about the economic collapse of socialist Venezuela. “Catastrophe is the new normal.” Amazingly, Venezuela has THE WORLD’S LARGEST OIL RESERVES. Yet the country is plagued by […]

Yellowstone County Court Clerk Criticizes Corrupt Judges; Billings Gazette Calls for her Defeat

Today’s ‘mainstream’ newspapers are dying a slow death; their content overwhelmingly supports the empowerment of government. It is probable that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of newspaper stories published in America’s daily newspapers over the past decades have simply been rewritten government press releases. The Billings Gazette, a relentless pro-government newspaper covering eastern and […]