Government claims Arctic is Melting Months Prematurely; Satellite Data Show Otherwise

Here is today’s Huffington Post headline: “Spring Has Sprung In The Arctic … But It’s Way Too Early For It: NOAA just reported the earliest snowmelt in 78 years of recorded history.” But intrepid data analyst Tony Heller examined the Danish satellite imagery of Arctic ice. “Temperatures are forecast to remain below freezing over the […]

Portland, Oregon Public Schools Ban all Global-Warming Skepticism Materials

Not since the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial has a government school board imposed such a ludicrous rule on school curricula. Last week, the government school board of Portland, Oregon UNANYMOUSLY VOTED TO BAN all schoolbooks or other materials which question or doubt the government’s theory of apocalyptic manmade global warming. See here. This astounding act […]

Added Course: “Government’s War on the Poor: the Lesson of Lysander Spooner’s American Mail Company”

Government masquerades as a protector and defender of the poor. Nothing could be further from the truth. Government’s worldwide are the greatest promoter of impoverishment, starvation and suffering for the world’s poorest. Mostly governments keep people poor by imposing legal barriers and licensing schemes upon poor people–which prevent poor people from launching rewarding careers. During […]

Seminar next week in Orlando, Florida: “Fully Informed Juries”

LSU President Roger Roots will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Libertarian Party National Convention in Orlando, Florida. Roots will be lecturing on the topic of jury nullification. The Libertarian Party National Convention will be held from Friday, May 27, through Monday, May 30, 2016 (Memorial Day), with special committee meetings, candidate and activist […]

Venezuela was once among the richest and safest countries in Latin America: Now men die in the streets fighting over five dollars

Even the Associated Press has begun to notice the collapse of Venezuela just 15 years after the country adopted socialism: Vigilante violence against people accused of stealing has become commonplace in this crime-ridden country of 30 million, once one of the richest and safest in Latin America. The revenge attacks underscore how far Venezuela has […]

Montana newspapers in a frenzy over people disobeying government at Yellowstone National Park

A terrifying spectacle of hate has become front-page news in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle and the Billings Gazette. For the past 2 days, both papers have focused on a story of some fun-loving (but foolish) Canadian tourists who allegedly strayed off the government boardwalk at Yellowstone National Park’s Prismatic Spring geothermal area. The young men […]