Turkey’s President Pursues Thousands for Insulting Government

Every government in history ultimately came to jail or kill all resistors and critics as ‘traitors’ and promoters of ‘sedition.’ English history is filled with persecution and even hangings of people who criticized government. (And Britain has historically been ‘liberal’ compared to other countries.) Now Turkey’s President Erdogan is pursuing some 2,000 CASES against journalists, […]

Secretary of State Kerry–Part of an Administration that Lectures Americans Not to Squirrel Money away in Off-shore Accounts–Has hidden MILLIONS in Off-shore Accounts

President Obama frequently lashes out at U.S. companies that seek to escape America’s high tax burden by headquartering overseas. Last week, after the release of the “Panama Papers” which show that world leaders who impose high taxes on their own subjects are hiding their own riches in off-shore low- (or no-) tax accounts, Obama lashed […]

Was the Civil Rights Movement a Struggle for More Government?

Trusters of expansive, intrusive government have spread the notion that the Civil Rights struggles of the 1960s were struggles for more government. In fact, the Civil Rights movement was a guerilla, libertarian victory over socialism and government supremacy. When Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for a white bus passenger […]

NASA again caught faking climate data: this time the Agency has altered sea level figures

Again, the tireless data analyst Tony Heller (Steven Goddard) has found that NASA is altering climate figures to help the government promote its global-warming-hysteria agenda. See here. In 1983, the pro-government climate hysteric James Hansen (considered one of the founding fathers of the manmade-global-warming-hysteria movement) published data showing the seas were rising. But NASA must […]

The reality of socialism: Hugo Chavez’ daughter is worth $4 billion in a nation of starving slaves

Socialists promise equality but deliver slavery, impoverishment, poverty and heartbreak. Gavin McInnes writes about attending a recent rally for socialist Bernie Sanders. The brain-dead attendants all expect the impossible. McInnes writes about Venezuela, where the late Hugo Chavez imposed a vast socialist remake for his impoverished and long-suffering subjects. After 20 years of socialism, Venezuelans […]

Government ice measurement agency caught altering measurements to make 5-year-old ice appear to be at “its smallest level” ever recorded

Tony Heller, the dogged data analyst who blogs as Steven Goddard, has previously caught the NSIDC (National Snow and Ice Data Center) cheating, just as Arctic sea ice extent was about to cross above the 1979-2000 average. The NSIDC changed their measurement system to hide the fact that Arctic ice was growing to above-average levels. […]

‘Peer Review’ has Collapsed as a Tool for Ensuring the Validity of Science

With so much government money flowing into ‘top-tier’ research universities, the peer-review process has virtually collapsed. More observers are wakening to the fact that the ‘science’ which appears in high-level scholarly journals tends to favor government positions. William A. Wilson, in an article entitled “Scientific Redress” in the current issue of First Things (see here) […]

91 % of Florida Atlantic University students vote for resolution expanding ‘free speech zone’ to the entire campus

Socialists, elitists and government supremacists have turned America’s colleges into dens of pro-government sentiment and ideological discrimination. Throughout the past 25 years, hundreds of colleges have imposed ‘free speech zones’ to limit anti-government speech and thought. Now the student body at Florida Atlantic University (with 91 % student support) has voted to restore freedom of […]