Turkish Government Seizes Newspaper Offices

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Every government that ever existed sought the same powers: ownership of all property, control of all resources, and control of all speech and thought. Governments invariably imprison and kill those who dissent — — frequently spreading messages that the government is at risk of terrorism or violent attack by critical speakers.

Now the government of Turkey is launching a major crackdown of newspapers that voiced mild criticism of the country’s government.

The New York Times report:

The crackdown on expression comes amid a growing sense that Turkey, once seen as a bastion of stability in a hostile region, is being enveloped by instability.

See here.

The Times continues:

Dozens of journalists perceived as critical of the government have lost their jobs as officials have put pressure on their bosses. Academics have been targeted for speaking out against the government’s military . . . .

At the same time, the justice system has charged Turks of all stripes — authors, journalists, cartoonists, politicians and ordinary citizens — with “insulting the president.” All told, more than 1,800 insult cases have been brought . . . .

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