Socialist Venezuela shuts down for a week as electricity is rationed

When people are free to choose and purchase energy in free markets, there are rarely any power outages or energy shortages. The private sector can quickly scramble to profit from people’s energy needs. But in centrally planned economies like Venezuela, government picks and chooses energy sources for everyone. Government also chooses what prices will be […]

Palace Intrigue in North Korea: Those Who Trust Government Most are the Most Likely to be Purged

Another recurring lesson for those who trust government most. It is they who will always be targeted by jealous rivals when their dreams of government power bear fruit. The history of the Soviet Union was filled with examples where the most loyal communists were– –again and again– — purged or prosecuted by government officials they […]

U.S. Government Spending Hundreds of Millions on “Global Warming” Theory–Despite Lack of Congressional Authorization

‘Manmade-global-warming-by-carbon-dioxide’ is a government theory. It is a theory that supports (actually, begs for) further government expansion and control over energy and industry. Despite what the theory’s proponents claim, the theory is highly contested in scientific circles. Yet ‘the science is settled’ among government circles. And among those who trust government. The U.S. government is […]

Global Warmists’ Theory that Fossil-Fuel interests are entirely responsible for climate skepticism is based on “one sentence in one memo”

Columnist Brian McNicoll nails the claim among government-trusters that skepticism of the government’s manmade-global-warming theory is all funded by energy companies. See here. The entire body of proof of this great conspiracy . . . comes down to one sentence in one memo written in support of a PR campaign by the coal industry that […]

D.C. Police raid homes based on little or no evidence

American criminal justice has collapsed. Decades of pro-government rulings by the courts have opened the door to wholesale violations of basic protections by unaccountable police. Now the Washington Post — -which generally trumpets the claims of the government — –has finally taken notice of the practice of police raiding homes armed with “search warrants” based […]

Government again moves to require financial “advice” columnists to be government-licensed

Governments worldwide constantly seek to require all workers to be government-approved and government-licensed. In the U.S., many occupations that poor people could enter freely in the past have been transformed into government-licensed occupations. Poor people must now go through expensive government “training” and approval processes just to work as hairdressers, manicurists, auctioneers, teachers or interior […]