D.C. Police raid homes based on little or no evidence


American criminal justice has collapsed. Decades of pro-government rulings by the courts have opened the door to wholesale violations of basic protections by unaccountable police.

Now the Washington Post — -which generally trumpets the claims of the government — –has finally taken notice of the practice of police raiding homes armed with “search warrants” based on little or no evidence.

14 percent of all “search warrants” executed in the past two years stemmed from a person arrested for drug or gun charges on the street. The cops have gotten into the habit of simply looking up the person’s address and then getting a warrant to search the address, claiming “probable cause” that drugs will be found.

The cops swear under oath that their “training and experience” justified such searches; and the judges universally agree!

In about 60 percent of the 284 cases, police executing the warrants found illegal items, ranging from drug paraphernalia to guns,. . . usually small, ranging from residue to marijuana cigarettes to rocks of cocaine.

About 40 percent of the time — in 115 cases — police left empty-handed.

In a dozen instances, The Post found, officers acted on incorrect or outdated address information . . . .