The 37-page Glass-Steagall Act was replaced with a thousand pages of banking laws. This is “deregulation” in the world of Bernie Sanders.

“Deregulation” is one of the great phantoms of our time. Pro-government pundits and presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders repeatedly claim that private-sector influence in political elections has produced “deregulation” in American industries. Yet regulation is easy to measure. One can count pages, paragraphs, sections, enforcement budgets or actions, etc. There has been no deregulation anywhere, […]

Florida judge sentences 22-year-old man to 60 years in prison for mere possession of ammunition

It is an open secret that judges tend to punish defendants who defend themselves. You’re supposed to plead guilty and take the prosecutor’s plea offer. Daily Kos, a government-loving website generally, has reported on the case of a Florida man on probation who was sentenced to SIXTY YEARS in state prison for merely possessing a […]

Record number of Americans renounce U.S. Citizenship

America was the freest society on earth for generations; perhaps more than a century. People from throughout the world fled tyranny for American shores. During the past couple generations, however, the U.S. government has steadily increased controls, regulations and taxes. For the past 3 years, record numbers of American citizens have left or have renounced […]

Montana Government’s Political Witch Hunts are now Attracting National Attention.

Every claim of “campaign finance reformers” is false. Every single claim. For-profit corporations actually contribute almost nothing to political campaigns. Common law rules of corporate governance (i.e., the rule that corporations must seek profits as their primary interest) prohibit for-profit corporations from wasting money on politics. (And shareholders could sue them if they did waste […]