Feb 21

Lawyers imbed drastic new criminal penalties into “Trans-Pacific Partnership”–after it was supposedly finalized!


The TPP (“Trans-Pacific Partnership”) was enacted as a trade treaty by political insiders, despite being imposed by vast democratic majorities within the countries that supposedly agreed to it.

The Electronic Freedom Foundation recently discovered that after the TPP was supposedly finalized (and after the original text was released in November 2015) the original text was “legally scrubbed.”

The legal scrubbing process, which was ongoing from November until the re-release of the text last month, was meant to be a process in which lawyers, trade ministry staff, and translators, go over the deal word-by-word, to ensure that it is legally consistent and free of unintended errors or loopholes.

The “legal scrubbing” resulted in new criminal penalties being added, for such things as copyright infringements. See here.