The U.S. has now gone 10 consecutive years in which GDP growth never rose above 3 percent

China, India and other countries have seen their annual GDP numbers grow by 6 to 8 to 10 percent annually. Much of the world has embraced increasing freedom, commerce and capitalism. Life expectancies have grown, and people are living healthier and happier all over the world. But not in the United States. A period of […]

Government launches major campaign to promote its surveillance agenda; accuses Apple of using the issue as a marketing strategy

The Justice Department has embarked on a national advertising campaign to drum up public support for forcing the makers of the iPhone to unlock the device used by alleged San Bernardino killers. It seems that FBI agents themselves are to blame for the locked-up iPhone. They bunglingly reset the password while trying to hack into […]

Lawyers imbed drastic new criminal penalties into “Trans-Pacific Partnership”–after it was supposedly finalized!

The TPP (“Trans-Pacific Partnership”) was enacted as a trade treaty by political insiders, despite being imposed by vast democratic majorities within the countries that supposedly agreed to it. The Electronic Freedom Foundation recently discovered that after the TPP was supposedly finalized (and after the original text was released in November 2015) the original text was […]

US military “fights climate change” by moving to “renewable” fuels, costing taxpayers tens of billions!

The US military is the most expensive on earth. Its skirmishes in Afghanistan cost taxpayers approximately 2 MILLION DOLLARS PER SOLDIER PER YEAR. Now the U.S. president has issued an executive order mandating that the Air Force must spend $59 a gallon for “renewable” jet fuel and $67 per gallon for camelina-based F-22 Raptor fuel. […]