In Effort to Strip Private Citizens of Guns, “Liberal” President Moves to Strip Mental Health System of Confidentiality

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Every government ultimately comes for all freedom, all property, and to kill all who resist.

For centuries, the law has recognized physician-patient confidentiality. Doctors who snitch on their clients or who disseminate private, confidential information regarding their patients have faced professional penalties.

Now, in the never-ending quest of government to strip the private sector of guns, President Obama has announced a rule that mental health practitioners may snitch on patients with “mental health issues,” thus enabling the government to bar them for life from purchasing firearms. See here.

Soon, no doubt, the practitioners may even be REQUIRED to add mental patients to the government background-check lists.

Obviously, this will have far-reaching implications to the mental health profession, and will incentivize people needing treatment to NOT SEEK such treatment.

Stay tuned!

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