Jan 09

Chicago officials paid $5 million in hush money to keep police murder tape from leaking to the public; Payment was timed to save reelection campaigns


More darkness, evil and corruption out of the failed socialist city-state of Chicago.

Information has surfaced that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and City lawyers conspired to pay $5 million in hush money to the family of murdered pedestrian Laquan McDonald. See here.

You couldn’t make this stuff up if you were writing a horror script for a Hollywood film.

The police dashcam video shows McDonald innocently walking AWAY from officers, who fired 16 rounds into him from some 40 FEET AWAY and murdered him. (McDonald was apparently holding a knife, which is perfectly legal.)

The details are shocking. The Mayor was facing a tough runoff battle for reelection. Knowing that public release of the incriminating police murder video might harm him in the runoff election, the City government made a series of backroom secret deals to cover up the murder by offering to pay $5 million in hush money (taken by force from the unknowing long-suffering citizens of Chicago) to the murder victim’s family.

“[T]he City Council voted unanimously to approve the $5 million settlement in just 36 seconds,” preventing public discussion of the matter at the time.

* The City of Chicago is a failed socialist state, buried in debts and taxes and grasping for money and power as it collapses into bankruptcy. It is dragging the State of Illinois down with it.

* Despite its precarious financial position, the City has paid out $500 million for police killings, rapes, beatings, torture and cover-ups. See here.

* Government trusters make a big deal of the supposed influence of private-sector ad spending on elections. Yet the private sector DOES NOT COVER UP MURDER, AND CANNOT DISPERSE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TAKEN FROM TAXPAYERS IN ORDER TO CONCEAL CORRUPTION AND MISCONDUCT to win elections.