Haters of Wal-Mart wanted it gone: Now they complain of “food deserts”!

Just as Michael Moore complained when GM was there and then complained because GM left, haters of Wal-Mart are now complaining that Wal-Mart’s departure from certain neighborhoods is creating “food deserts”! See the Associated Press’s article here. The “food desert” argument is a claim that poor neighborhoods in certain cities are devoid of high-quality grocery […]

French March in Protest of ‘Permanent Emergency’ Police State

Governments love emergencies, terror and crises of all kinds. Consequently, governments have a stake in spreading fear and terror, and almost never benefit from peacefulness or tranquility. Many articles have documented suspicious links between recent French terrorist attackers and French intelligence. Were the French terror attacks of the past year “false flag” attacks? It is […]

Government solutions after government poisoned thousands in Flint: Send money to fund more government!

Unlike a private business, which loses money and goes bankrupt after providing bad service, government agencies generally benefit from failure and crisis. Failure means even more money and power! Good money after bad. Here is an Associated Press article about Michigan lawmakers passing a bill to take $28 million more from taxpayers to divert to […]

FCC moves to require radio and cable networks to report all political advertising to the government

All who question, discuss, or criticize the government must identify themselves to the government. That is the direction the FCC is moving in. Yesterday, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) ordered that all radio, cable and Satellite stations report the identity of all political ad purchasers to the government. See here. In the past, governments have […]

Turkish prosecutors seek life sentences for journalists who offended Turkish president

Freedom of press is among the most precious of rights. Always in danger, especially from governments pushing “national security” rationales. Now two reporters whose reporting offended Turkish president Erdogan are in danger of being imprisoned for the rest of their lives. See here. Of course, the prosecutors are alleging the journalists “revealed state secrets.” Specifically, […]

Bozeman Chronicle Finally Produces Evidence of Montana’s “Dark Money” “Corruption”: Politicians May have Approved of Volunteer Efforts Which Political Police Liken to ‘Contributions’ (!)

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle is, arguably, Montana’s most extreme pro-government publication. For years, the newspaper has poured out steady support for government control over political messaging under the auspices of campaign-finance regulation. (‘The private sector must never defend itself from regulation!’) It is rare that one reads the word “shadowy” outside the editorial pages of […]

After government poisoned Flint, private companies donate clean water. Government trusters complain that this “sends the wrong message.”

Government officials purportedly “in charge” of Flint, Michigan ran the City into the ground after decades of corruption. Then the government secretly exposed the people of Flint to polluted, lead-contaminated drinking water. Yet those who trust and worship intrusive, expansive government are now complaining that Wal-Mart, Pepsi, Nestle, and Coca-Cola are offering to provide free […]

Total Government Failure: Detroit Public Schools Spend as Much on Debt Service as Salaries & Benefits

Socialism is a curse that should be wished on one’s enemies. Markets always win in the end, and no big-government welfare state can outlive its financial irresponsibility. Here is a story about a public school system that has overpaid teachers and administrators so much for so many years that interest payments on its debts now […]

More corporations fleeing high U.S. tax rates

The U.S., once the global flagship of capitalism, now has the world’s highest corporate tax rates. The New York Times reported this week that Johnson Controls is renouncing its U.S. corporate citizenship by selling itself to Tyco International, based in Ireland. This is designed to reduce the company’s tax bill, which it said should drop […]