The myth of “Austerity”: Congress Moves Forward with Monster Budget, Huffington Post Implies Congress Poised to Cut Spending

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Two of the largest news aggregator sites are and Today, December 17, 2015, both sites led with headlines about the massive, record-breaking, unpaid-for federal budget that just cleared Congress.

Both sites linked to the same article in, which details the impending budget. The Politico tagline is “Budget austerity takes a back seat as lawmakers prepare to pass nearly $700 billion in unpaid-for tax cuts.”

Laughably, the Huffington Post linked to the story with this outrageous headline: “Austerity-Lovers Gun For $700 Billion Tax Cuts.”

Say that again? Are “austerity lovers” driving the budget process in Congress? The plain wording in the Politico headline is that “austerity” is taking a “back seat.” Huffingtonpost construes this as “austerity lovers” are “gunning” for $700 Billion in “cuts.”

Austerity means cuts in government payroll and spending. THERE HAS BEEN NO AUSTERITY in America or any western country in years!

The current budget moving through Congress REPRESENTS THE PRECISE OPPOSITE OF AUSTERITY; it (1) grows government spending by 700 BILLION DOLLARS, (2) without ANY cuts to offset this outrageous spending explosion.

The word ‘austerity’ is like the word ‘deregulation.’ It is often invoked, but rarely seen. See here.

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