Peer-Reviewed, Comprehensive Study of Worldwide Glacial Melt Cannot Detect Influence of Carbon Dioxide

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Glaciers have been melting steadily for centuries. This peer-reviewed study–perhaps the most comprehensive study of global glacial melting patterns ever published–concludes that the world’s glaciers GENERALLY MELTED at the same rate in THE FIRST HALF OF the 20th Century as in the SECOND HALF of the 20th Century.

What of the influence of carbon dioxide? or the industrial revolution generally?

These scientists failed to detect any such influence. (Though they are ‘true believers’ in the AGW thesis.)

See also this overview of the false claims of modern government officials claiming global glacial melting is attributable to manmade-global-warming (with old news clippings, maps, etc.)

Title: “Feedbacks and mechanisms affecting the global sensitivity of glaciers to climate change”

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