Puerto Rico: a Case Study in How Central Planning Benefits the Ultra-Rich

Fascinating expose’ in the New York Times yesterday. “Inside the Billion-Dollar Battle for Puerto Rico’s Future” The report details how the outrageous overregulation and overspending by Puerto Rico’s “leaders” led to territorial debts which are unpayable. In turn, Puerto Rico’s “leaders” sought bailouts from the world’s richest investors, promising a 20 percent annual return for […]

Saudi Arabia Prepares to Behead Teenager for Attending Protest

Every government that ever existed ultimately came for all freedom, al property, all money, and to kill all who resist. Saudi Arabia is preparing to behead a teenager who attended a protest rally at age 15. The teen says he didn’t even understand the nature of the protest at the time. See here. Like Joan […]

The myth of “Austerity”: Congress Moves Forward with Monster Budget, Huffington Post Implies Congress Poised to Cut Spending

Two of the largest news aggregator sites are Huffingtonpost.com and Drudgereport.com. Today, December 17, 2015, both sites led with headlines about the massive, record-breaking, unpaid-for federal budget that just cleared Congress. Both sites linked to the same article in politico.com, which details the impending budget. The Politico tagline is “Budget austerity takes a back seat […]

Billings tobacco shop shuttered by government for displaying a “cigarette rolling machine”: State claims the shop is an “unlicensed cigarette manufacturer”

In case more evidence is needed that Montana “Justice Department” officials need some budget cuts, the Department has recently targeted a Billings smoke shop because the smoke shop displayed a cigarette rolling machine. See here. The State claims the display of the cigarette rolling machine–which tobacco buyers can use to roll a couple cigarettes on […]

“Journalists” cheer and jump wildly as Paris Climate-Change Agreement is announced

Here is amazing video of alleged journalists supposedly covering climate treaty negotiations in Paris objectively. Watch as they scream and jump for joy at the announcement! Now we know why such alleged journalists rarely report facts which undermine the government-controlled manmade-global-warming thesis.