France has become anti-Muslim police state

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It is unfortunate that today’s Muslim societies are authoritarian strongholds where there is little due process of law (in the Anglo-American sense).

It is even more unfortunate that France–one of the great fountains of liberty over the past 1000 years–appears to be embracing an almost-Islamic level of authoritarianism, ironically aimed at suppressing the French Muslim population.

According to John Stossel, a Halal-Mexican restaurant near Paris “was raided by upwards of forty police armed with rifles and clad in body armor, helmets, and riot shields” in the week after the recent Paris terror attacks.

“After terrifying diners, who were ordered to sit still and not touch their phones, officers proceeded to the basement, where they smashed several doors with battering rams, reportedly in search of a ‘hidden prayer room.'”

The restaurant owner asked them not to break down doors because he would simply unlock them, but he was ordered to “lay on the floor and stay silent.” The raid did not find weapons or anything “linked to terrorist activities.”

Read Stossel’s column here.

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