Nov 11

The NATION Turns: Leftist Magazine Prints its first Climate Skeptic Article: Could this be a Signal?


The climate-change hysteria promoted by worldwide governments is about to bust. Hard.

The false predictions and outrageous claims of the climate-change socialists simply cannot withstand open sunlight. Already one-third of Americans regard the climate-change hysteria as a “total hoax.” Almost no one on “the right” regards global warming as anything other than a leftist push for more big government.

Many are asking: when will the climate-change boom go bust?

Does this article in THE NATION–a premier magazine of the socialist left–signal that socialists are preparing to acknowledge that the end is near for their outrageous claims?

The article, by Sam Khoury, lays out well-known sources of skepticism regarding the government’s warmist hysteria. What is remarkable is the venue for the article: one of the most hard-left, pro-socialist magazines in the western world.