Nov 11

New Study Suggests that Peer-Review Process may Prevail in the End regarding Climate Change.


William N. Butos and Thomas J. McQuade are scholars of the tragic role of government funding in scientific scholarship. They have authored a study entitled, “Causes and Consequences of the Climate Science Boom,” which appears in the Fall 2015 issue of The Independent Review. See here.

Butos and McQuade find that the domineering role of government funding of “climate change science”–all of which is aimed at gaining more control for government over energy–has created an inflated “boom” in such science. This boom–just as any boom in a financial sector–must ultimately go bust.

The climate realities do not reflect the claims of the government-funded science boom. NASA recently admitted that south-polar ice is at its highest level ever recorded by satellite. Ice at the North Pole has expanded by hundreds of miles. Satellites have measured no global warming whatsoever in 18 years, and weather-related natural disasters are down 80 percent from a decade ago.

The only ‘science’ bolstering the alarmists’ view are (1) government-funded computer models which are known to overestimate global warming by an average of two to five times, and (2) government-funded SURFACE temp data which are constantly “adjusted” by government-funded scientists to suit the government.

But although Butos and McQuade are highly critical of the peer review process generated by the boom, they suggest that the process may yet prevail. It may take decades, however.