Cash-Strapped City of Chicago Has Paid Out 500 Million Dollars for Police Brutality in the Past Decade

Chicago, and the State of Illinois, are ‘failed states.’ Parasitic city and state governments have sucked their taxpayers dry, almost to death. See here. The region–which once harbored brilliant entrepreneurs and spawned major manufacturers and businesses–is now a socialist hellhole, which imposes ever-higher taxes on its impoverished citizens. Chicago’s police department has openly operated a […]

Thomas Sowell: 56 percent of all households will be in the top 10 percent in income at some point in their lives

Trusters of the state frequently complain about “income inequality.” Yet Thomas Sowell points out that “the rich” and “the poor” are frequently the same people at different stages of their lives. In fact, 56 percent of all households will be in the top 10 percent of income at some stage in their lives. See here. […]

Obamacare’s supporters drastically overestimated the number, finances, and health of new enrollees

Every government program that subsidizes heath care makes health care more expensive. Government supports subsidize demand without increasing supply, causing prices to rise. New research by the Mercatus Center (see here) shows that Obamacare’s enrollment figures fell far short of projections. By MILLIONS. Also, enrollment of “all but the near-poor is far below projections.” The […]

Is the War on Terror the Biggest Racket Yet?

Pater Tenebrarum provides a brilliant essay on today. Tennebrarum writes that the “War on Terror” is the greatest scam of all time. Tenebrarum provides the above graph showing that the “War on Terror” actually appears to have created MORE rather than less terror. Just as the “War on Poverty” stopped the rapid decline in […]

Global Warming Solutions Same As Global Cooling Cures — Wait . . . What?

Investors Business Daily reports on the recent discovery that a 1977 book called for (1) higher taxes, (2) greater government control and regulation over the oil, coal and gas industries, (3) more socialism and central planning by elites in government offices, and (4) a government program of subsidizing and supporting “alternative” energy sources. See here. […]

Amherst College students want students who posted a free speech flyer to be punished

America’s government-approved and supported colleges have become dens of extremist pro-government, socialist, and elitist ideology. Those who speak up for individual liberty or free markets often live in fear of intimidation or retaliation by faculty and pro-government students. Now, a group of Amherst protesters want students who posted a flyer around campus celebrating free speech […]

Another researcher finds falsified government temperature data

By now the evidence that climate-change socialists within government “science” agencies are falsifying temperature data to bolster their manmade-global-warming-by-CO2 claims has become insurmountable. Another researcher bothered to do some homework and scrutinize some of the NASA temperature adjustments. See here. Professor Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert, a German scientist, found that some time between 2010 and […]