Details Emerge Regarding Chicago Police Department’s Torture Warehouse

More details are emerging regarding the torture and interrogation warehouse used for years by the Chicago Police Department. See here. At least 6,000 “suspects” were arrested and taken to the warehouse over the years. The Chicago PD maintained NO BOOKING RECORDS at the site, and thus hid arrestees from lawyers and their families while the […]

The U.S. Already Has one of the World’s Most Anti-Rich Tax Structures

Political observer Michael Barone watched the recent Democratic debate very closely. His conclusions are here. The Democrats vying for President talked a great deal about “income inequality,” but offered few solutions to this alleged problem. A constant theme among current Democrats (and government trusters generally) is that “the rich” must be taxed more; and their […]

France’s Top Meteorologist FIRED from Government TV for Questioning Government’s “Climate Change” Claims!

France’s government has been pushing the manmade-climate-change-by-CO2 agenda extremely hard. France is organizing the upcoming Paris climate conference in which the world’s western governments will once again push for more socialism and control. In June 2014, Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister, summoned the country’s main weather presenters and told them to mention “climate chaos” […]

Gallup Poll: the Most Knowledgeable Americans Hold Government in Greatest Contempt

An interesting new poll by Gallup: those voters who have the most knowledge of current events and government policies have the greatest contempt for government. As the Libertarian Party writes: “The fundamental finding is that Americans who know the most about how Congress operates are not only the most negative about Congress in general, but […]

What do Americans Fear Above all other Things? Government Corruption

Our masters in government routinely propagandize us to surrender ever-more freedom and deliver ever-more power to government officials. But a new Chapman University poll shows Americans list “government corruption” as THEIR GREATEST FEAR. Fear of government corruption is ranked above “terrorism,” crime, financial insecurity, climate disaster and every other potential threat. See TIME Magazine story […]

Vast Billions Appear to be Missing From “Affordable Care Act” Treasuries

It is not unusual for government programs with immense budgets to “lose” large amounts of money. Government agents are known to siphon off money for use on fine dining, fancy hotels, payoffs and kickbacks and the occasional new deck or swimming pool in the back yard. But according to Mytheos Holt (see here), several BILLION […]

Government’s “War on Terror” Now Focusing on Americans as Targets

Every government ultimately comes for all property, all money, all freedom, and to kill all who resist. Yesterday, the U.S. Justice Department announced a major new program and office dedicated to surveilling Americans and targeting so-called “home-grown” terror threats. See here. As many observers predicted, the vast “War on Terror” has come home. Those who […]

Social Security has Redistributed Hundreds of Billions of Dollars from Blacks to Whites

A 1996 Rand study authored by Constantijn Panis and Lee Lillard found that the average Black male loses approximately $10,000 to Social Security over his lifetime. Because Blacks have lower average life expectancy than whites, most of this money is transferred to white people. Social Security ranks second only to the institution of slavery as […]

Nixon demanded that all photos of other presidents be removed from Executive Office Building

Alexander P. Butterfield, former deputy in the Nixon Administration, recounts the following story: On Christmas Eve 1969, Nixon walked through the Executive Office Building adjacent to the White House to wish employees a merry Christmas. Nixon discovered that some employees had prominently displayed photographs of President John F. Kennedy. Nixon was furious and ordered that […]

Unearthed Nixon Memo: 10 Years of total control over Vietnam Airspace Achieved “Zilch”

The hubris and arrogance of governments and government officials is rarely realized by the officials themselves. Conventional wisdom among political scientists suggests that when governments achieve TOTAL domination and control over others, great achievements and accomplishments are just moments away. Yet the opposite is true. Take, for example, “total institutions” such as prisons. One might […]