ACLU: “Fixing” the Constitution to Overturn CITIZENS UNITED Would “Break the Constitution”

Many voices–who believe they are seeking “good government”–are calling for a constitutional amendment to give government the power to control political spending and advertising. But as the ACLU points out, such an amendment would fundamentally “break the Constitution” and overturn the most basic free-speech and press provisions of the First Amendment. See here.

Government Now Claiming that Even Facebook Postings Can be Banned as Illegal “Campaign Contributions”

The movement to give government even more power over elections and campaigning grows more powerful by the day. Now a Colorado judge has ruled that a charter-school principal who posted a Facebook message indicating that one of the school’s students’ parents would make an “excellent education leader” was MAKING AN ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTION by doing […]

Losing the battle on science, governments increasingly seek to “settle” the global-warming question in court

You know governments are losing the battle in the field of science when they seek to create judgments and “findings of fact.” They did it to Socrates. They did it to Galileo. Now, increasingly, governments and socialist promoters of the catastrophic-manmade-global-warming-by-human-released-CO2 theory are resorting to the strong arm of government venues, such as courts, commissions […]

Federal Prosecutors Fail to Convict Ron Paul’s Two Top Campaign Officials

One of the most dangerous things one can do in any society is lead a movement that threatens the fundamental dominance of a king, a reigning politician, or prevailing government. During the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, the Ron Paul movement was just such a threat to the sitting establishment. Last year, the U.S. Justice […]

American colleges are the least free places in America

America’s colleges are the least free places in the country. Virtually every major American university–and perhaps every GOVERNMENT university–provides a campus upon which opinions which challenge or criticize the state or the state’s government-focused theology are suppressed. Surveys show that college students overwhelmingly indicate fear of holding non-government-approved opinions. See this video by Greg Lukianoff […]

55 Percent of American colleges impose unconstitutional speech codes

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has surveyed America’s colleges and found that 55 percent of them impose speech restrictions on students. See their website. These colleges clearly and substantially restrict freedom of speech, purport to censor “offensive speech” (meaning, generally any antigovernment thought), or restrict “free speech” to a campus “zone.” FIRE’s […]

Wisconsin “Campaign Finance” Police Use Tactics Inspired by the USA Patriot Act

It is by far the greatest danger to First Amendment freedoms in American history: the modern “campaign finance reform” movement. Every claim used to promote government controls over political campaign ads is untrue. Here is a article about Wisconsin political police–who raid people’s homes under cover of darkness and regularly tell those under investigation […]

Driverless Cars–Brought to us by the Private Sector–Are Upon Us

(Pictured above: visionary and futurist Julian Simon) After a century of needless regulation, and hundreds of thousands if not millions of violent arrests of drivers for traffic violations, the era of driverless cars is upon us. Dozens of private firms, including Tesla, Apple, Google, GM, Honda and many others, are already producing driverless-car prototypes which […]