Initial research shows minimum wage increases in Seattle and San Francisco have cost thousands of jobs

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Supporters of minimum wage laws are often hopelessly illiterate regarding basic laws of economics.

In recent election cycles, however, advocates of minimum-wage hikes have won some huge “victories” in such cities as Seattle and San Francisco. The Seattle City Council, for example, imposed a $15-per-hour minimum wage on all employers in the city last year.

Now there is sufficient data to show that these big hikes in the minimum wage have cost thousands of people their jobs. See here.

And it is a myth that minimum wage earners elsewhere in the United States are generally struggling to survive and need government to force their employers to provide a “living wage.”

· Only 11.3 percent of workers who earn the minimum wage live in households officially defined as poor.

· A whopping 63.2 percent of workers who earn the minimum wage are second or even third earners, living in households with incomes equal to twice the poverty line or more.

See here.

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