The Medical Industry is Now So Overregulated that Even Government Hospitals Can’t Fill Job Vacancies

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American health care is so overregulated that the VA SCANDAL THAT BROKE LAST YEAR is still not resolved–and never will be.

In order to “fix” the Veterans Administration health care problems that were much publicized last year, hundreds of new doctors, nurses and staff needed to be hired.

But it turns out that hiring such people is impossible. They don’t exist due to burdensome licensing requirements.

Read this column Cortney O’Brien.

O’Brien indicates that nearly 1 in 3 important positions in VA hospitals are currently vacant. And filling them is impossible or almost impossible.

Several factors play a role in the employee shortfall: The 9 percent attrition rate, lower pay than the private sector, the implementation of Obamacare, which is creating an imbalanced supply and demand environment in medical care, and the burdensome application process, just to name a few. Jean Schaefer, a spokeswoman for the Phoenix VA, said hiring just one person can be an egregiously long process – one that can include up to 18 steps.

Today, more than half of all U.S. doctors are over the age of 50. Young people interested in joining the field are turned away by the mountains of regulations and licensing obstacles. This problem will get worse as rules and regulations drive out future doctors and nurses.

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