Whole Foods CEO: America’s professors tend to hate capitalism because they subconsciously envy business leaders

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John Mackey is the cofounder and CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation, Whole Foods. As many libertarians know, Mr. Lackey identifies as something of a libertarian, and he has made a number of fairly courageous statements about various state-authoritarian policies (such as the government’s slave-plantation healthcare).

Here is a decent interview of Mr. Mackey by Reason Magazine.

What is most interesting about the interview is Mr. Mackey’s insight into the totalitarianism of “intellectuals” in academia. Academics tend to identify with the state, and to promote the state’s agenda of government control over individual autonomy and choice.

Mackey suggests that professors at most government-approved universities hate capitalism largely because the professors are subconsciously jealous of successful businesspeople. Business leaders, after all, gain riches by pleasing and helping people, while the officials of the state tend to achieve “success” by hurting and controlling others.

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