Montana Political Candidate Faces Government Accusation of—Purchasing a Domain Name Without Notifying Government

There is a powerful movement among the ranks of government trusters to allow government vastly more power in the area of political regulation. This movement sometimes calls itself a “campaign finance reform movement” and promotes its pro-government agenda by means of certain innocuous-sounding slogans. It posits that the influence of the private sector on politics […]

Fake Science: The Majority of Experiments by Government-Supported University Psychologists Cannot Be Replicated

Most government-supported universities are dens of pro-government sentiment masquerading as social science. Government “research” funding supports thousands of university psychologists who churn out studies that–unsurprisingly–support various socialist and pro-government theories and expansive welfare-state economics. Pro-government voices in academia are becoming increasingly shrill. Witness some of the hysteria surrounding the government’s “manmade-global-warming” claims. See here. But […]

The Medical Industry is Now So Overregulated that Even Government Hospitals Can’t Fill Job Vacancies

American health care is so overregulated that the VA SCANDAL THAT BROKE LAST YEAR is still not resolved–and never will be. In order to “fix” the Veterans Administration health care problems that were much publicized last year, hundreds of new doctors, nurses and staff needed to be hired. But it turns out that hiring such […]

Venezuelan Government Declares Martial Law to Fight “Smugglers”

Every economic regulation–whether laws governing labor, product quality, or prices of goods or services–creates a black market. And socialist countries which seek to regulate everything suffer (or, rather, experience the comforts and joys of) black markets in every commodity and industry. Here is a recent BBC story about efforts to thwart free-market transactions in Venezuela–a […]

Climatologist Patrick Michaels: Private Citizens Should Closely Monitor the Government’s Temperature Claims

Climatologist Patrick Michaels recently notified the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, the government agency maintaining certain government thermometers) that the agency’s thermometers at Reagan National Airport were reporting temps that were 2 degrees hotter than the agency’s thermometers at the Dulles airport (also in Washington, D.C., just miles away). Michaels had tracked this 2-degree […]

Government Universities Continue Their Suppression of Dissenting Opinions

The brilliant Walter E. Williams has written another essay about the embarrassing state of ideological oppression at America’s government-sponsored colleges and universities. See here. For example, Oberlin College and Georgetown University have both issued “trigger warnings” to students prior to campus visits by the noteworthy scholar Christina Hoff Sommers. According to the dominant government-supremacist culture […]

Whole Foods CEO: America’s professors tend to hate capitalism because they subconsciously envy business leaders

John Mackey is the cofounder and CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation, Whole Foods. As many libertarians know, Mr. Lackey identifies as something of a libertarian, and he has made a number of fairly courageous statements about various state-authoritarian policies (such as the government’s slave-plantation healthcare). Here is a decent interview of Mr. Mackey by […]

New Study: For Every New Dollar a College Receives in Student Loans, a College Raises its Tuition by 65 Cents

We all know that the Federal Student Loan Program has driven up college tuition costs because the Program subsidizes artificial demand. Now a New York Fed study has found that: for every new dollar a college receives in Direct Subsidized Loans, a school raises its price by 65 cents. For every dollar in Pell Grants, […]

Reason Magazine: When Government Gives Diet Advice, You Should Always Do the Opposite

Generally speaking, every government in the world seeks to increase its advantage over its subjects (and therefore, to increase the DISADVANTAGE of its subjects in comparison to the state). Thus, one should generally do the very opposite of what government advises–especially regarding investing or nutrition. For years, observers have noted that the government’s “food pyramid”–which […]