Jul 17

Report: Student Loan Program has Drastically Increased Tuition Costs while LOWERING the Proportion of Poor People in College.

Imagine a government program that achieves THE VERY OPPOSITE result of its intentions.

This is the truth about every large government program.

Social Security has impoverished seniors (and America) and transferred vast sums from poor people to rich people. See here, here, and here.

Minimum wage laws increase unemployment and greatly harm poor people. See here.

The “Americans With Disabilities” Act LOWERED the percentage of disabled people with jobs. See here.

Industrial regulations supposedly put in place to keep wealthy businesspeople under control end up ENRICHING the wealthiest, while keeping common people from competing. See here.

Welfare spending and wealth redistribution harms the poor. See here.

“National Security” efforts make any nation that adopts them LESS SECURE because one’s own government, not any foreign government or any criminal or terrorist, is always THE GREATEST DANGER facing the average person. This has been empirically measured. See links here.

And the federal student loan program–enacted to help poor people achieve the dream of a college education, ACHIEVES THE VERY OPPOSITE RESULT. See here. Recently, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York released a report showing that the program has greatly increased tuition costs but done nothing to increase the representation of the poor in colleges.

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