Martin Armstrong: Government Research Grants go only to “Scientists” Who Produce Results the Government Likes.

The economist Martin Armstrong writes that a few years ago he was offered an opportunity to do a federal research project for substantial grant money. When I was called upon for research back to form the G5 and then wrote the White House warning that manipulating the dollar down would create volatility and a crash […]

Wisconsin Political Police Launched Violent Armed SWAT Raid in a Witch Hunt against Political Donors

In a free society, every person has a right to say, publish and broadcast any truthful facts about anything. One can pay for a full-page ad in any newspaper (that is willing to take the money) saying what one wants to say. Increasingly, this is not the case in America. After generations of suffering setbacks […]

U.S. Government Continues to Expand its List of Persons “Disabled” from Possessing Firearms

Every government in history ultimately comes for all freedom, all property, all money, and to kill all who resist. Now we read that the U.S. government is (again) seeking to extend the outer boundaries of people whom the government seeks (without legislation) to strip of gun rights. The government is now seeking to create a […]

Public Universities Continue their War on Freedom of Speech and Thought

There is no reason that taxpayers should be forced to OWN a university. The two justifications that are routinely offered for the existence of government universities do not stand up to scrutiny. The first claim–that public schools somehow meet the needs of the poor in ways that private institutions do not–is shattered by measurable data. […]

Report: Student Loan Program has Drastically Increased Tuition Costs while LOWERING the Proportion of Poor People in College.

Imagine a government program that achieves THE VERY OPPOSITE result of its intentions. This is the truth about every large government program. Social Security has impoverished seniors (and America) and transferred vast sums from poor people to rich people. See here, here, and here. Minimum wage laws increase unemployment and greatly harm poor people. See […]

Stossel: Greece has submitted to little or no true “austerity.”

The occasionally brilliant John Stossel is out with a good column. Stossel attended Freedomfest in Las Vegas recently and learned about countries such as New Zealand and Canada, which saw their economies greatly improve after cutting government spending. Greece, however, has been in the news for years, unable to stay afloat financially. Greece recently defaulted […]

Government continues to seek total access to every microprocessor

Jacob Sullum is one of America’s most gifted writers on civil liberties. His most recent column points out that federal police-state control freaks are (once again) seeking to ensure that all future federal laws governing computer technology be written so that the surveillance freaks in the federal government (the NSA, FBI, etc.) will always be […]

New hoax “report” claims to have uncovered “internal documents” from the oil industry which “acknowledged” manmade global warming “as early as 1981.”

BUT THE ‘INTERNAL DOCUMENTS’ ARE A 2014 EMAIL BY A RETIRED EXXON EMPLOYEE REFLECTING ON PAST DISCUSSIONS OF THE IDEA People in an office environment often engage in email discussions about political ideas, facebook postings, upcoming concerts, and restaurants. Now a powerful pro-government climate hysteria organization called the “Union of Concerned Scientists” is pointing to […]

Climate-change billionaire Tom Steyer, the largest political donor in history, spends millions to “fight the influence of billionaires in politics.”

Climate-change socialists–those who push for more government power to control (other) people’s “carbon footprints”–sometimes spin a tale about the influence of oil billionaires, or the fossil fuel industry, in politics. They claim that wealthy political donors spend millions to push free-market economics, and thwart the supposedly sensible policies promoted by government supremacists. Nothing could be […]