Kuwait becomes first country to mandate government DNA registry for all subjects

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The endless quest by governments to monitor, surveil and control all human life and activity continues.

It went mostly unnoticed 10 years ago when the U.S. Congress enacted a “Real ID” law requiring that every state impose some form of biometric identifier in its driver-licensing. There was a minor popular backlash in state legislatures; then the draconian move was mostly forgotten. See here.

Today, many state driver-licensing programs require fingerprints or thumbprints to get a driver license. (Of course, the whole idea of driver licensing is quickly becoming outdated, as technology approaches the era of driverless vehicles. The program, even now, is mostly a government identification program masquerading as a traffic-safety program.)

Now Kuwait has moved toward requiring a blood-DNA sample from every citizen, . . . er, subject. See here.
At present, the U.S. only requires DNA blood samples from exiting federal (and many state) prisoners.

Stay tuned!

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