Jul 13

Evidence surfaces showing that ISIS beheadings may be faked or staged


Infowars.com has obtained a video–purportedly from Russian hackers or “hacktivists”–showing a movie set where “ISIS”-type “beheadings” are (or can be) staged.

Reportedly the hacktivists claim to have obtained the footage from a cell phone linked to U.S. Senator John McCain.

It has been widely reported that the entirety of the “ISIS” threat has been a creation and production of western intelligence agencies such as the CIA. Just as “Al-Qaeda” was apparently created and funded by the CIA and other western intelligence agencies two decades ago, ISIS appears to be mostly a creation of the U.S. government.

U.S. Senator John McCain–a longtime military “hawk” who has benefited from millions of dollars of defense-contractor funding–has traveled to the middle east in clandestine operations on several occasions. McCain has even been photographed with groups of middle-eastern-commando units who, supposedly, went bad and “joined” ISIS not long after. In the Senate, McCain is a constant voice for ever-more war and military spending.