Rand Paul States the Obvious: Government Has a Stake in Promoting Terrorism So It Can Increase its Control and Power

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Great USA Patriot Act theater as May turns into June 2015. U.S. Senator Rand Paul, arguing to allow the unconstitutional USA Patriot Act to expire, states that many people are hoping for new terrorist attacks on American soil, so that such attacks can be blamed on Rand Paul. The video and commentary are here.

This is obvious to everyone. The forces of intrusive expansive government proclaim that an all-powerful government is necessary to prevent terrorist attacks. (They ignore the fact that the PATRIOT Act hasn’t helped crack a single terrorist case in its entire history. See here. )

Shortly after 9/11, it was common for FBI and CIA officials to blame the attacks on the late Senator Frank Church, who did so much during the 1970s to try to place limits on federal domestic surveillance.

As Dr. Roger Roots pointed out in a peer-reviewed 2013 article, terrorists and governments of terrorized societies have common interests.

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