Government Begins Pressuring Medical Profession to Spread Climate-Change Propaganda

“Climate-change” hysteria is very much a movement of the highest government officials, the ultra-rich and wealthy academic elites. It is not a movement of a majority of Americans. The hysteria has been widely promoted by government agencies, and by wealthy political donors. But government global-warming messaging has failed to resonate with voting majorities, who view […]

“Limited Government” Republicans in Kansas–like those in Montana, Nevada, and elsewhere–have just passed one of the largest tax increases in state history.

NPR has a story about the “conservative,” “limited-government,” “tea-party-controlled” Republican legislature of Kansas. Like the overwhelmingly Republican-controlled legislatures of Nevada, Montana and elsewhere, the Republican-controlled legislature of Kansas has just enacted a budget with some of the highest tax increases in state history.

Obamacare is already causing massive damage to American productivity.

As many economists predicted, the passage of Obamacare is significantly limiting American productivity and prosperity. “Because of Obamacare,” writes Larry Kudlow, “there’s an additional 0.9 percent Medicare tax on salaries and self-employment income, a 3.8 percent tax increase on capital gains and dividends, a cap on health care flexible spending accounts, a higher threshold for […]

IRS Continues to Obstruct Justice: “Separation of Powers” Remains Broken.

Under James Madison’s constitutional theory, the separate branches of government would “check” each others’ powers by applications of their own officers’ rival jealousies. For example, legislators can cut the budgets of the executive branch when executive-branch officers overreach. In practice, such “checking” almost never happens, because all three branches have learned to share in common […]

U.S. Supreme Court conceptually rewrites Obamacare law in order to uphold it.

It is a frequent criticism of judges that they are “activists”–politicians in judicial clothing. The reality, however, is that the judiciary is amazingly passive and tends to bend over backward to uphold the ridiculous, unconstitutional, and intrusive measures and enactments of the executive and legislative branches. Today, June 25, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld […]

Study demolishes the myth of multi-generational inherited wealth

Government trusters and advocates of violent redistribution of wealth frequently claim that the superrich are hoarding and amassing inherited investment wealth at rates that surpass the upward mobility of working classes. For example, government-trusting economist Thomas Piketty made such a claim in his book Capital in the 21st Century (2014). Piketty argued that economic inequality […]

“Five years of wage cuts, tax increases and record unemployment”: Greeks awaken to a New Normal of ever-higher taxes and slavery to pay for their welfare state

Socialism is a curse that should be wished only on one’s enemies. Every society that embraces it will ultimately become sick and weak. Greeks are now learning the lesson that years of socialized medicine, welfare, security entitlements and big government must be paid for. The Greek people mortgaged their children’s future a generation ago, and […]

“Americans With Disabilities Act” LOWERED the percentage of disabled with jobs.

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in the early 1990s and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush. The law was passed with claims that it would help get people with disabilities gainfully employed. But years later, we learn that the Act had the opposite effect. Employment of men with disabilities fell […]

Research Problem: Can Anyone Devise a Method to Test Whether Medicare and/or Social Security Have Negatively Impacted General Health?

by Dr. Roger I. Roots A previous post on the fact that today’s senior citizens are generally sicker (but longer-living, due to medical advancements) than their predecessors got me thinking. Can this increased level of sickness and chronic illness among today’s populations be partially attributed to Medicare? Or to Social Security? This is not as […]