Long-term artificially-low interest rates are causing lower productivity across Europe

In a previous post, we alerted readers to a recent report that worldwide central banking has kept interest rates so artificially low for so long that “experts” now doubt whether central bankers can “fix” any future financial crisis. The Telegraph story is here. The same report also warned that these artificially low interest rates have […]

London Telegraph: “the world is defenseless against future financial crises”

An amazing news report in the (formerly London) Telegraph this week. The Telegraph reports that the world’s central banks have kept interest rates so artificially low for so long (mostly to allegedly “fix” financial crises in the near past) that the central banks will have no possible way to “fix” any future financial downturns. The […]

Some 95 % of New Yorkers who own “assault weapons” appear to be disobeying a recent State law requiring them to register.

Gun controllers often promise that their “registration” schemes will never be used to confiscate firearms. They push for laws that require all gun owners (or owners of certain types of guns) to “register” their guns with government officials. It’s just a public safety measure, the gun controllers will often say. But a decade after California […]

Bernie Sanders Says He will “Make Corporations Pay Their fair share” even as the U.S. has the world’s highest corporate tax rates.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist-Vt), is campaigning for the Democratic nomination for President. His stump speech reportedly contains a promise to raise taxes on corporations and make them pay their “fair share.” The problem is that the U.S. already has the world’s highest corporate tax rates. Hundreds of corporations are fleeing the U.S., looking for […]

Greek society has been destroyed by welfare and government spending.

Today, June 28, 2015: Greek and European central bankers have declared an incredible SIX-DAY CLOSURE of Greece’s banks. Greece has been bankrupted by years of welfare spending, punishment of savers and entrepreneurs, and overregulation. Now the once-proud-but-now-bankrupt nation will experience the final wages of socialism and extravagant social spending: massive poverty, unemployment, debt and perpetual […]

“Campaign Finance Reformers” Complain Only About Private-Sector Political Spending—While Ignoring Government Political Spending

NFL football games regularly feature displays honoring the U.S. military: moments of silence, speeches and videos honoring the troops, and even synchronized air force “flyovers” in which F-16 jets fly over NFL stadiums in formation while fans cheer. It came out in March 2015 that everything—even the moments of silence—are paid for by the U.S. […]

THE ONION asks why humanity continues to allow its most power-hungry members to make all of humanity’s decisions.

THE ONION, America’s premier mock newspaper, has long exhibited a libertarian, anti-government streak. Now THE ONION has hit the nail on the head: “Humanity Surprised It Still Hasn’t Figured Out Better Alternative To Letting Power-Hungry Assholes Decide Everything.” The same question has been asked repeatedly by economists of the Austrian School, and of social scientists […]

Government’s global-warming hysteria mostly based on deliberate manipulation of data.

Those who study climate (and the political climate debate) are well aware of how the government has presented an exaggerated case for carbon-dioxide-driven global warming: Government-supported scientists have “modeled” warming that doesn’t exist in reality; government-supported scientists have made emotional arguments; government-supported scientists have substituted unreliable temperature proxies cherrypicked to show a colder past (e.g., […]