Totalitarians Everywhere May Soon Be Panicking: One in Five Millennials Describe Themselves as Libertarian


Generation after generation of Americans have imposed ever-more burdensome impositions on their neighbors (and themselves). The young people of today live in a virtual prison of rules, regulations and controls. Adolescents are ARRESTED (along with their parents) for merely walking independently in their communities. The control freaks in charge of modern America now surveil and monitor almost all electronic communications. 21st-century America is a land of random police checkpoints, drug-sniffing dogs and SWAT raids.

These policies were imposed by OLD PEOPLE, people from different times. The young people of today seem increasingly to yearn for freedom and independence. Here is a report that polls show 20 percent of all “millennials” describe themselves as “libertarian.” Let’s hope socialists and government trusters are in for a grim future.