Pro-Government Extremists Calling For Government Takeover of Agriculture in Response to California Drought

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Socialist writer Lindsay Abrams again trumpets central planning and government supremacy in a recent column. California’s long drought, Abrams writes, justifies a total government takeover of agriculture by the State of California, if not the U.S. government.:

But then in the long term, the state has to rethink agriculture, basically. The problem is that that’s thinking so big. We’re a country that’s based on freedom and the ability to develop or to have any kind of business you want. So to tell farmers how they can do their business goes against everything that’s American, in a way. But they really are going to have to because it just wastes so much water. And I don’t think that they should stop farming in California — I’m actually afraid that might happen, because as they run out of water people are going to start going for the farmers more — but if the farmers stop farming there, then you have Central Valley turning into a dust bowl. That’s not good, we don’t need more of that

Abrams seems to avoid using the word “drought,” preferring to describe California’s situation as a “water crisis” and “climate catastrophe.” Perhaps she is aware of recent studies showing that droughts have become LESS OF A PROBLEM worldwide than they were in the past, and are now accounting FOR AN ALL-TIME LOW amount of worldwide damage as a percentage of GDP.

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