“Adjusted” temperature record to be examined by a team of distinguished scientists

It has previously been reported in these pages that government agencies have been caught “adjusting” global temperatures upward in recent years and downward for past years to give a greater impression of recent global warming. Some “adjusting” may be warranted: thermometers and temperature measuring equipment have been moved, altered and improved in some cases. But […]

Montana Legislature–dominated by “tea party” Republicans for a decade–passes budget MORE THAN DOUBLING State spending since 2011

The state of Montana is often identified as a “red” western state dominated by libertarian-conservative voters. Its legislature meets only once every two years and legislative candidates tend to get elected upon promises to limit government. The past 3 legislative sessions have seen the most Republican-dominated chambers in Montana history. Yesterday, April 23, 2015, the […]

London Daily Mail now admits that the case for co2-driven-global-warming is weakening; most American papers continue censoring “skepticism”

The London Daily Mail now prints articles admitting, at least, that manmade global warming has “slowed.” Most major U.S. newspapers (like most major papers in the world) continue to conceal and censor information questioning the major-government position on “climate change.” For example, the LA Times, America’s third largest paper in terms of circulation (though its […]

Federal Employees Are Now so Overpaid that Federal Agencies Set Job Applicant Limits

Statistically, a federal employee is more likely to die than to quit. Federal employees are paid so much that many hundreds–or even thousands–of applicants now apply for some federal openings, such as openings in the U.S. Postal Service. In the private sector, this would signal a basic “supply versus demand” solution: wages would be adjusted […]

Social Security is a massive transfer from the poor and minorities to whites and the affluent

Columnist Star Parker is out with a brilliant column today: Here’s the conclusion of a 2013 study published by the Urban Institute in Washington, D.C.: “When considered across many decades — historically, currently and in the near future — Social Security redistributes from Hispanics, blacks and other people of color to whites.” According to the […]

This is What Happens When Governments Fail: Greece Begins Confiscating Cash Held in Local City Bank Accounts.

Over time, almost every government comes for all money, all freedom, all property, and to kill all who resist. Today’s Greek government is a case in point: for years, Greek politicians have overspent, expanded their jurisdiction, expanded regulations and raised taxes. Now the country is so deep in debt that the central bankers of the […]

Two Phenomena That May Be Related: Voters Becoming Overwhelmingly Libertarian, Democrats Becoming Old and Tired

Economist John C. Goodman is out with an interesting column stating that libertarian voters outnumber conservatives and liberals. Specifically, “38 percent of the public identifies as “conservative” and 24 percent as “liberal” in the latest [Gallup] poll,” while at least one major [2006 Cato Institute/Zogby] poll found that fully 59 percent of Americans say they […]

FBI overstated forensic hair matches in nearly all criminal trials — for decades.

The Washington Post is out with a report that the FBI’s Forensic experts falsely testified in hundreds of criminal trials that hair samples taken from crime scenes matched hair folicles taken from defendants. In every one of these cases, the FBI was lying, exaggerating or overstating the strength of the alleged hair match. In many […]

Totalitarians Everywhere May Soon Be Panicking: One in Five Millennials Describe Themselves as Libertarian

Generation after generation of Americans have imposed ever-more burdensome impositions on their neighbors (and themselves). The young people of today live in a virtual prison of rules, regulations and controls. Adolescents are ARRESTED (along with their parents) for merely walking independently in their communities. The control freaks in charge of modern America now surveil and […]

When MSN Claims Research Was “Silenced,” This Merely Means That Government Funding Was Cut

Today’s headline on MSN News reads: “Gun owners face much higher murder risks, researchers said. Then the NRA silenced them.” Wow. The National Rifle Association “silenced” research. But the article’s details show no support for such a headline. The story is about governmnt funded “disease research” during the 1990s that pronounced such things as that […]