Ted Cruz is Right: Galileo was the “Denier” of His Time and the Flat-Earthers of the Period were the “97 percent”

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Ted Cruz

Government supremacists promoting the ‘manmade CO2 is causing catastrophic climate change and governments must be given more power’ alarmism tend to claim that “97 percent” of scientists agree with them, and tend to claim that the “3 percent” who disagree are “deniers” who should be likened to the “flat-earthers” of yesteryear.

There is a significant problem with this argument: the “flat earthers” of pre-Enlightenment Europe WERE THE 97 PERCENTERS OF THE PERIOD. And the great “Copernican” doubter Galileo could be counted in the “3 percent” (if you believe such percentages are accurate). Recently, government trusters have villified presidential candidate Ted Cruz for stating this obvious fact.

Ted Cruz may be wrong on many things. But he is right on this issue.

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