Urban Institute: Social Security Transfers Wealth From Poor to Rich

A 2004 study by C. Eugene Steuerle, Adam Carasso and Lee Cohen of the Urban Institute, entitled “How Progressive is Social Security and Why?,” found that Social Security is a massive transfer from poor groups to rich Americans. Although “Social Security was designed to redistribute income from those with higher lifetime earning to thos with […]

American Universities Have Become Orwellian Thought-Control Zones Where Diverse Views Are Rarely Allowed

Brown University is like many others. Expensive, and overwhelmingly socialist in its messaging and content delivery. Reason Magazine recently reported on a debate at Brown University that featured a typical socialist, government-trusting professor (of which there are many hundreds if not thousands) debating libertarian-feminist Wendy McElroy. The Brown University students were so sheltered from non-government, […]

FBI Agents Are Now Paid More than Doctors or Lawyers

Trusters of government can often be heard griping about the “one percent.” Often, these delusional government trusters call for more government; more government regulators of industry, more laws and regulations to control businesses, and slave-plantation-level taxation on industry. Yet increasingly, the one percenters can be found in the ranks of government bureaucrats. Consider that the […]

Decades of Extravagant Spending on Public Education Have Produced Few Good Results

Cato Institute’s Daniel Mitchell describes U.S. spending on public schools in this way: “Never Have so Many Paid so Much to Achieve so Little.” Incredibly, Americans are made to pay more for schooling than the parents of any other society. Yet American students–ranked head to head with students in other countries–perform very poorly. The graph […]

Why do so many U.S. weapons fall into enemy hands? Will We Soon Be Attacked By Them?

Why do people who call themselves “conservatives” and who claim to advocate “limited government” worship big military? Former Congressman Ron Paul wonders why so many dollars worth of U.S. military weapons have supposedly fallen into the hands of “enemies.” “Building weapons and seeing them end up in the hands of the enemy is almost a […]

Virtually all Manmade-Global-Warming Science–Almost All of Which Supports Expanding Government–Has Been Funded by Governments

According to the book “Merchants of Smear” by Russell Cook, the U.S. government alone spent more than $106 billion in taxpayer funds to research and support alarmist climate research between 2003 and 2010, as well as billions more on ineffective renewable energy boondoggles. Much of the taxpayer-supported alleged scientists refuse to let other scientists, IPCC […]

A Private-Sector website that directed consumers to different health-insurance options already existed before the Obamacare website flop

Most of us remember two years ago when the government’s Obamacare website was launched. Americans watched in horror as the website crashed, failed to function and was hacked. At a cost to taxpayers of many tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. It was a lesson in how government enterprises perform. Of course, ANY […]

Congressional Republicans Introduce Proposed Budget that Increases Spending by at least 4 %; Democrats Cry that Republicans Intend to Slash Spending

If ever there were one graph showing how broken the U.S. government is, it is the graph above. The graph shows the current proposed Republican (“Grand Old Party”) budget in comparison to the Democrats’ suggested budget for the next decade. (Thanks to Daniel Mitchell of Townhall.com.) Both continue growing government significantly, however some economists hope […]