The Data Are In: Increased Government Role in Health Care Leads to Lower Quality of Life For Most Americans

We all know health care prices have increased faster than the rate of inflation every year for more than 40 years, due to Medicare, Medicaid (and in the past couple years), the “Affordable Care Act.” Such government enactments increase demand without increasing supply, causing prices to rise. If markets were allowed to be free, health […]

The Increasing Disconnect Between Private Entrepreneurs and Government Control Freaks

The FINANCIAL TIMES magazine is out yesterday with a brilliant article by by Edward Luce, “The great American disconnect.” Luce points out that while lawmakers and politicians everywhere are seeking to tax, regulate, control, classify, limit, and stifle every aspect of American life, entrepreneurs in the tech sector and industry are still “trying to make […]

By Every Measure, Socialist Countries Pollute the Environment More than Free-Market Economies

It is an article of faith among trusters of government that free-market capitalism is hard on “the environment.” Yet by every measure–total pollution per-acre of land, pollution per-capita, pollution per unit of GDP, etc., socialist societies produce more pollution and greater destruction of the environment. The great economist Julian Simon had this to say: Telling […]

Current Federal Budget Spends Approximately the Budget of Montana On CO2 Climate-Change “Research”–While Spending Nothing On Research into Natural-Causes

The White House’s April 10, 2013 Press Release on “Understanding the Threat of Global Climate Change” States that the federal government is diverting roughly 2.7 BILLION dollars taken from American taxpayers into “research” on manmade climate change. This is roughly the annual budget of states like Montana. This may explain why so many university scientists […]

Ted Cruz is Right: Galileo was the “Denier” of His Time and the Flat-Earthers of the Period were the “97 percent”

Government supremacists promoting the ‘manmade CO2 is causing catastrophic climate change and governments must be given more power’ alarmism tend to claim that “97 percent” of scientists agree with them, and tend to claim that the “3 percent” who disagree are “deniers” who should be likened to the “flat-earthers” of yesteryear. There is a significant […]

A Lesson in Unintended Consequences: “Anti-Terrorist” Laws Caused the Deaths of 150 People in European Jet Crash

The best solution to social problems is almost always for politicians to do nothing. As the great economic thinker Julian Simon demonstrated in his books, humans will solve all their problems if they are left free. But policymakers and government trusters tend to insist on political “solutions.” Now we learn that the deaths of 150 […]

Companies Cutting Employees’ Hours In Response to “Affordable Care Act”

We previously reported that the “Affordable Care Act” (“Obamacare”) was expected by the Congressional Budget Office to result in 1.5 to 2 percent fewer total hours worked by Americans. Now a survey shows the damage to American productivity is even worse. A survey by the Society for Human Resource Management of 743 human resources professionals […]

The “Scariest Chart in the World”: After Decades of Government Anti-Saving Policies, Half of Americans Save Nothing

The Business Insider is out with a chart showing that almost half of all Americans (47 %) save nothing and live paycheck to paycheck in response to decades of government policies that punish savers. Chief among the government’s anti-saver policies is the Federal Reserve system, which has set interest rates artificially low for more than […]

Socialist Talking Points About Libertarianism Eviscerated by Cato Institute

Remember Michael Moore’s movie “Capitalism: A Love Story”? Or the book by socialist Naomi Klein called “The Shock Doctrine”? Both relied on a claim (which probably originated in Klein’s “Shock Doctrine”) that the free-market philosophy of economist Milton Friedman was instrumental in the Chilean coup in 1973 which enthroned fascist Augusto Pinochet. Naomi Klein claims […]