China Employs More than 100,000 Bureaucrats To Regulate the Internet

In the wake of this week’s takeover of the internet by the FCC, paleolibertarian economist Gary North points to a 2013 Economist article reporting that the government of China employs 100,000 government workers to monitor and regulate Chinese internet users. (We think that number is probably quite low.) Gary North writes today that “The FCC […]

Courts Continue Abandoning Surveillance Restrictions, While Congress and the President Slowly Abandon Plans to Limit NSA

February 27, 2015. In the immediate wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations that the NSA is unconstitutionally intercepting, seizing and storing virtually every American email and phone record, there were many promises by congressional candidates and President Obama to stop the NSA’s mass surveillance. Now, months later, a federal court has again renewed an order allowing […]


We often hear of “American exceptionalism.” America has been—since its inception—the world’s flagship of freedom, property rights, invention and capitalism. Hard work and ingenuity has fueled thousands of economic miracles, and produced a nation of unparalleled abundance and prosperity. The poor in modern America live better than the kings and queens of Europe a hundred […]

Washington Post: Earth could soon cease to be a “safe operating space” for humans

On January 15, the Washington Post published a story claiming that “At the rate things are going, the Earth in the coming decades could cease to be a “safe operating space” for human beings.” Citing a published paper in the journal “Science,” the article suggested that “we have already crossed four “planetary boundaries”: “the extinction […]

FCC “Net Neutrality” Takeover Will Turn Internet into a Government Licensing Scheme

In the wake of yesterday’s powergrab of the internet by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), we should all refamiliarize ourselves with the way innovation in telecommunications was arrested by FCC control over telephone companies. For decades, the telephone industry has been under FCC regulation. And for much of the 20th Century, Bell Telephone enjoyed something […]

Socialists and Government Bullies Everywhere Are Cheering the FCC’s “Net Neutrality” Takeover of the Internet

For several years, trusters of expansive intrusive government have sought to impose what they call “net neutrality”–a government regulatory structure–upon the internet. Ridiculously, some of them claim they are trying to “free” the internet and keep it “open.” Who exactly is threatening to enslave or close the internet? Why, the private sector; or capitalism; or […]

The Entire History of “State Secrets Privilege” is Based on Fraud

Today the U.S. government is constantly invoking “State Secrets Privilege” to shut down lawsuits against the government and keep the American people from knowing the truth about government affairs. When Americans file lawsuits against the government or its blood-brother corporate agents, the government asserts “state secrets privilege” to force the courts to throw out the […]

Federal Government Making Plans For Major Takeover of Internet

A dozen sources indicate that our “masters” in government in Washington are preparing to launch a major push for so-called “net neutrality” policies to regulate the internet. This socialist model will spread the stink and stain of government over the internet in a manner similar to the way governments have long controlled utilities. If adopted, […]

Beware of Government-Funded Attacks on Privately-Funded Science

The government-worshipping website is reporting that certain manmade-global-warming-skeptical scientists who have testified before committees of Congress regarding the (non)threat of manmade climate change are now under investigation by the government for being nongovernmentally funded. As most Lysander Spooner University students know, the vast majority of what passes for scientific research in the area of […]